When reasonable and articulate women speak to the mainstream on behalf of our principles, we all win.


At LOLA, we are proud to promote the talent and ability of female leaders within the liberty movement. The LOLA Speakers Bureau, a compilation of over 100 brilliant women, experts on a plethora of topics, exists to increase the number of women speaking in the media, participating on panels, at conferences, and as key-note speakers. It provides an invaluable tool to event producers and organizers by offering a searchable database for them to find speakers in their area. LOLA promotes the work of Speakers Bureau members by pitching them for speaking engagements, and sharing their work through regular updates and social media. Each lady of liberty involved in the Speakers Bureau has vastly different spheres of influence. Each is being heard by different groups, in different markets, around the world. From discussing economic liberty in the media, to inspiring grassroots activism and coalition building in rural and urban communities, to speaking to voters on political runs, these women are putting a megaphone on our work as a movement and setting the stage for freedom to prevail.

To be included in our Speakers Bureau, please send an email with your information and examples of your work to lola@ladiesofliberty.org

Kelli Ward

Tempe, AZ

Kelli Ward was Arizona's Senator in 2012 and is running in the upcoming 2018 election.


Washington, D.C.

Senior Trainer and Curriculum Manger for Americans For Prosperity Foundation.


Denver, CO

Lily Tang Williams is the State Director for Our America Initiative.


Chicago, IL

Marsha is the Founder and President of the Reason, Individualism, Freedom Institute


Sacramento, CA

Anastasia is an attorney with the Pacific Legal Foundation's Economic Liberty Project.


Phoenix, AZ

Christina Sandefur is the Executive Vice President of the Goldwater Institute.