Founder and Chairman of the Adriatic Institute for Public Policy


Washington, D.C.


In 2003, Natasha Srdoc led the efforts to launch Croatia's first independent free market think tank to advance free market initiatives in Croatia and Southeast Europe, know as the Adriatic Institute for Public Policy. Through the efforts of the Adriatic Institute, Natasha launched The Adriatic Business Council that consists of entrepreneurs and private companies focused on advancing market reforms based on the rule of law. Natasha is the co-founder and co-chair of the International Leaders Summit - a unique platform bringing together successful reformers, free market proponents, entrepreneurs and joined by business, media and political leaders to advance pro-growth reform initiatives and principled solutions. Natasha co-authored a book with Joel Anand Samy for Croatia and southeast Europe titled "Flat Tax - The Case for Tax Reform". Her efforts in advancing the flat tax resulted in eastern Europe’s policymakers and reformers using Srdoc’s Flat Tax book when applying the specific tax reform.


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Natasha Srdoc at the Adriatic Institute