Author, Linguist, and Primatologist


Springfield, MO


Aya Katz is a libertarian author, linguist, and primatologist. She also runs Inverted-A Press Books. Her novels focus on the exploration of freedom and how we should go about getting and preserving it. The recurring themes in her books deal with justice and honor.

Aya Katz's first novel The Few Who Count was published in 1983. The novel appeals to teenage readers since the author was an adolescent during the writing process. Vacuum County was Katz's first adult genre novel published in 1993. The tale begins with the young woman Verity being unlawfully accused of DWI in a small Texas town, where she is forced to stay against her will. The story branches out to cover a cast of characters and portrays how all people can work together to promote personal liberty, even if it is not a motivating factor for most people. Vacuum County was written prior to the Mount Carmel massacre, but explores the non-aggression principle. Sometimes the government must intercede in a time of crisis, and the novel examines how this should only occur when individual liberties are at risk.

Theodosia and the Pirates is Aya Katz's most politically driven novel. The story is a speculative account regarding the fate of Theodosia Burr after she sailed away on the Patriot. Theodosia was rescued by the privateer Jean Laffite when the British attack the ship. She ends up falling in love with Laffite and marrying him. The novel portrays war and patriotism from a Libertarian perspective, and Aaron Burr's legacy is also vindicated.



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