Women around the world reach out to us seeking a way to connect with other like-minded women. To satisfy their demand, LOLA Social, our chapter-based program was initiated.

LOLA Social is growing a strong community of liberty-minded women who empower one another to be active members of the liberty movement. The LOLA community that has formed is diverse in age, background, career-level, and personal interests. United together they create a friendly, supportive group, dedicated to their beliefs that libertarian virtues and philosophy will help them, and the world around them, prosper.

LOLA Social chapter events take on many formats. Chapters have the flexibility to engage in activities that best suits their demographics and region. Examples of LOLA Social events have been policy-based discussions, film/documentary screenings, volunteer trips, self-defense and gun-safety classes, potlucks, or any other format that ensures there is a social element allowing attendees to build relationships and members to be inspired to become vocal participants in their communities.

Located in cities throughout the U.S. and abroad, LOLA Social offers an unparalleled experience to spark innovative ideas and find new opportunities for activism.