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Knoxville, Tennessee


Sherry Clark, also known as Sherry Voluntary, has been the host of Speaking Freely on Talk Radio 92.3fm in Knoxville, Tennessee, and is the host of the Sherry Voluntary Show podcast where she talks with some of the brightest and most interesting minds of the liberty movement. Sherry’s work provides a fun and informative libertarian perspective on a variety of issues, including current events, philosophy, politics, history, culture, education, families and economics. As homeschooler of two, she is also a champion of non-state education. Born into poverty and homeless at times as a child, Sherry has come to a passionate appreciation of the free market and its potential to give people a better quality of life.

Her political activism has included a campaign against abuse by law enforcement, protest of the gas tax, and participation in a pro-AR15 social media campaign slated to come out in the near future. As a way to agitate Nashville, Sherry has joined dozens of members of the Libertarian Party of Tennessee in running for Governor to protest third-party ballot suppression.

She has been a guest on a variety of podcasts including The Tom Woods Show, The Johnny Rocket Launch Pad, the Gold Standard with Alan Mosley, and Boys Night Out.

Sherry is originally from Chattanooga, Tennessee, but lived in many states before returning to East Tennessee where she now lives with her husband of 23 years, two children, and cat. She spends her free time hula hooping, hiking, drawing, crafting, and enjoying life with friends and family.


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