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​Campus carry activist, beauty queen, NRA commentator, second amendment champion, and women's rights advocate, black, female, conservative, millennial, Antonia Okafor, is fighting to reclaim the true meaning of female empowerment.

Frequent Fox News and Blaze TV contributor, Antonia Okafor has been fighting for liberty as soon as she realized what liberty truly was. A former Democrat, Antonia had her “come to Jesus” moment just 5 years ago. In 2015, Antonia made a permanent mark in the second amendment community, when she became the Southwest Regional Director for Students for Concealed Carry on Campus (SCCC), where she advocated for the passing and successful implementation of the concealed carry on campus in Texas law known as, “campus carry."

The National Rifle Association (NRA) took notice of her activism and had her star in one of their “Freedom’s Safest Place” commercials, a national campaign that highlights the diversity of NRA members.

Antonia made her CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) debut on the NRA’s ‘Armed and Fabulous’ panel moderated by Katie Pavlich in February. And this April, Antonia shared the main stage with President Trump at the NRA-ILA Leadership Forum as a featured speaker where she introduced her pro second amendment organization for young women-EMPOWERED. Antonia is the founder and CEO of EMPOWERED, a recognized IRS 501 C (3) national student organization that educates, trains and equips young women on campus to safely use guns for self-defense and advocate for the right to use them.

Antonia recently made her first Prager U video, “Black, Millennial, Female and… Conservative,” that chronicles the span of a few years when she began to question the status quo in the Democratic Party, culminating in the realization that she was a conservative. The video was quickly recognized by leading Americans of the republican conservative movement, and most notably garnered over 5 million views within a month of its premiere.

Antonia is no stranger of the hate from the anti-gun Left. Whether it’s an article where BET specifically called her out for being a black woman friendly to conservative figures such as Tomi Lahren or making waves for her first New York Times op-ed piece title, “Why I Bring a Gun to School, Antonia is usually making headlines. Antonia is not afraid to speak her truth and channels her energy and growing network to fight for what she believes makes America the greatest country on the planet.

Not to be put in anyone’s box, Antonia deviates from the textbook traditional conservative image and instead exemplifies the modern conservative millennial in her “conservatarian” beliefs. She’s not shy of expressing her support of criminal justice reform and disdain of the ‘War on Drugs’, which has earned her the respect of many libertarians. She has made appearances on Fox Business’, “The Kennedy Show”, The Rubin Report and The Blaze TV where she has made her libertarian beliefs known.

A former Independent Journal Review news correspondent, Antonia covered President Trump's Inauguration (and the protests that immediately followed), the Women's March Protest in Washington and the 2017 March for Life. It was at the March for Life that she interviewed several featured speakers including Benjamin Watson, tight end for the Baltimore Ravens and pro-life advocate. She also regularly covered the liberal-bias on college campus beat during her tenure at IJR.

She has also been featured on Bill Whittle's Show-'After Dark' and 'Hot Mic,' The Gavin McInnes Show, The Tomi Lahren Show, The Dana Show, and Dennis Prager's radio show.

Antonia will be traveling the country this fall from college campus to college campus as part of her 'Be emPOWERed' tour. Feminism, gun rights, race relations and free speech, Antonia Okafor will be speaking about it all and as a result will be sure to ruffle even more feathers.

You can catch Antonia in the media during one of her regular guest appearances on Fox News, One America News Network, The Blaze TV, NRA TV and The Daily Wire.


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