Are there any other groups like LOLA out there?

We don’t know of any other groups that do exactly what LOLA does, but there are groups like LOLA that may be of interest to you. Let us know if you’d like us to add your group to the list!

Other libertarian organizations:

Women for Liberty: A project that Students for Liberty has launched to build an international network, specifically targeted at female student leaders to empower a future generation of women for liberty.

Independent Women’s Forum: IWF’s mission is to improve the lives of Americans by increasing the number of women who value free markets and personal liberty. IWF is a non-partisan, 501(c)(3) research and educational institution. By aggressively seeking earned media, providing easy-to-read, timely publications and commentary, and reaching out to the public, we seek to cultivate support for these important principles and encourage women to join us in working to return the country to limited, Constitutional government. Many of IWF’s policy analysts are members of the LOLA Speakers Bureau.

Feminists for Liberty – Anti-statism and anti-sexism. This is a new group that is launching soon!

More conservative groups:

Network of Enlightened Women: “NeW is the nation’s premier organization for conservative university women.” Started as a book club at the University of Virginia in 2004, NeW cultivates a community of conservative women and expands intellectual diversity on college campuses through its focus on education. NeW members meet regularly to discuss issues relating to politics, gender and conservative principles.

Future Female Leaders: “America’s leading social movement for young, conservative women. FFL aims to engage young women in current events and the political process by creating a sense of pride of what it is to be a conservative woman – in a world that is not always very friendly to them. This sense of pride is created through it’s conservative lifestyle columns, it’s apparel and gifts, it’s significant social media presence, and through it’s ambassador programs.”

Turning Point USA: This conservative students group has hosted an annual women’s summit for two years running.

More liberal groups:




Can I do other types of gatherings for a LOLA Social event?

Absolutely! Some LOLA Social chapters have had guest speakers as well as movie viewing events (for the film “Suffragette”). Some have even attended liberty-supporting plays.

How much time do I need to dedicate to keeping a chapter going every month?

While we love a well-planned event, it shouldn’t take more than a few hours every week. You can even do a happy hour at a bar or restaurant for your LOLA Social event.

How to start a LOLA Social chapter?

You only need two other ladies willing to help you found a LOLA Social chapter. From there, simply pick a location to hold your first LOLA Social (a home, restaurant, or bar is what we usually suggest), a date, and time. We will help you find women in your area, make the email invites/flyers, and promote the event on our social media feeds to help ensure your first event is a success.

What are the benefits of a LOLA Social chapter?

LOLA Social is all about building a community of ladies who encourage each other and continue to work/learn in the liberty movement to spread the cause of liberty. It’s a wonderful way to support each other as well as learn about the liberty-movement in your area and get involved. And who doesn’t love girl time!

What do I talk about during the first LOLA Social event?

Anything about liberty! The first event should be about getting to know your fellow liberty-loving ladies. Having a few questions planned out beforehand (questions similar to “how did you find liberty?” and “are you involved in the liberty movement” are a good start) for a round-table discussion will help.

What does it take to become a LOLA?

Membership in the Ladies of Liberty Alliance is free and selfdefined. It is our hope that liberty-minded ladies everywhere and maybe even female liberty groups will pop up and be able to use our resources, and that we will attract more women into the movement by providing education and empowerment training that is focused on women.

We have over 20 chapters across the country but we always need more leaders. Click “chapters” above or email if you are interested in starting a new chapter.

Additionally, LOLA executes a variety of projects throughout the year that support our mission and principles, with the hope of simultaneously expanding membership, engaging members, and most of all increasing the number of liberty-minded women.

We need a lot of good ladies to get active in their local liberty groups, and if you don’t have a local liberty group, please consider learning how you can start one by emailing

Call it Ladies of Liberty, Women for Liberty, Freedom-loving Femmes, whatever name suits your group best.

We will also provide you with speakers for trainings and other support and resources that will help all of your members be effective promoters of the cause of liberty!