Katie Kieffer; One Day Media Training

“I’m writing a book now…[and] I’ve been on TV three times (NBC, MSNBC and Fox News Channel) since the LOLA event. I would love to do more TV…The book will be about young people–very excited about it!”

Cathy Reisenwitz; One Day Media Training, How to Get Published

“LOLA trainings, especially the op-ed and media trainings, gave me the confidence to begin getting published and start making videos. LOLA has also given me invaluable connections in the liberty world and elsewhere. Nena has always been there for me when I needed advice.”

Nicole Kaeding; One Day Media Training

“When I moved to DC to be a policy analyst, I found that media was an essential part of my job. I began with a few radio interviews, but I was nervous and lacked confidence. A friend suggested LOLA’s media training seminar and I decided to give it a shot. Since the seminar, I’ve done hundreds of radio, print and TV interviews, and the transformation has been amazing.”

Stacy Chen; How to Promote Liberty Through Politics (In a Non-Election Year)

“I believe LOLA is an organization with an empowering message and mission. Having attended a LOLA training session[…], I began thinking about the importance of women stepping up and fighting for freedom. Thus, after long consideration, I decided to run for political office in Texas. I hope that by being a principled female candidate sharing the message of liberty[…], I can motivate other women to join the fight.”

Julie Borowski; One Day Media Training, How to Get Published

“Before the LOLA training, I had not been interviewed on television before. Now I have done several interviews and I feel more confident because the training taught me how to look and sound good on television.”

Morton Blackwell, President and Founder of the Leadership Institute

“Our movement must increase the number and effectiveness of activists in all categories of people. I’m delighted by Ladies of Liberty Alliance’s intention to recruit women into the public policy process, teach them leadership skills, and promote their work, that’s important.”

Dr. Ron Paul, former U.S. Congressman

“LOLA’s work to educate and empower female activists for liberty is crucial in helping to spread our message and achieve victory. The leadership of LOLA includes some of the most accomplished and principled women in the liberty movement.”

Dr. Rand Paul, U.S. Senator

“You’ll be pleased to know that LOLA is right where you and I need them to be: on the front lines…LOLA means to fight back, and provide the education and support women need to fight for our shared pro-liberty principles.”

Sabrina Schaeffer; Executive Director, Independent Women’s Forum

“Women are uniquely positioned to promote individual liberty, free markets and peace to other women in civil society, and the Ladies of Liberty Alliance’s plays an important role in identifying and training female leaders in our movement so they can share their message with a broad base.”