April 2017 Speaker’s Bureau Update

The fight for liberty continues, and the members of our Speaker’s Bureau aren’t giving up any time soon! In case you missed it, here is just a small update on what some leading ladies of liberty have been working on…

Camille Paglia
Renowned for her brilliant and scathing critiques of modern culture, Camille is a fierce intellectual and author, covering everything from the arts to philosophy to politics.
Women Aren’t Free Until Speech Is
What Does It Reall Mean to Be a Feminist

Also, check out her new book! Free Women, Free Men,

Elizabeth Nolan Brown
Elizabeth Nolan Brown continues the fight for liberty by creating fair and balanced pieces relating to reproductive rights, free speech, gender and more! A successful editor for Reason.com, her work can be found across the web, bringing key issues into light and making the case for liberty.
Katherine Timpf
Katherine Timpf is a journalist, commentator, and reporter. She writes columns and satire pieces demonstrating how government overreach and cultural oversensitivity are basically ruining everything, and rallying the liberty-lovers behind her.

Response: Feminist Columnist Says Stay at Home Moms Should Be Illegal

Katie Kieffer
Katie Kieffer is an author, entrepreneur, commentator, and a force to be reckoned with! She is the author of “Let Me Be Clear,” published by Random House, and continues to share her passion for liberty through her many articles and discussions.
Quiet Voices Crushing “The Dictator’s Club”

Plus, check out Heather Nixon who heads up our Seattle/Tacoma Ladies of Liberty group — she has been named one of the 5 Liberty Ladies Leading the Way!

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