State Director for Our America Initiative


Denver, CO


Lily was nominated as a candidate by the Libertarian Party of Colorado in March of 2014 to run for the State of Representative in District 44. She is the former state chair of the Libertarian Party of Colorado in 2015. She ran for U.S. Senate 2016 in Colorado as a Libertarian and made the history by being the first third party U.S. Senate candidate to get into the debate with major party candidates in 20 years. She is the currently State Director for Our America Initiative and Advisory Board Member of USPIE (U.S. Parents Involved in Education: Lily is a grassroots activist and professional speaker. She has been outspoken defending the U.S. Constitution, promoting civil liberties, free market Capitalism, free enterprise, less intrusive government, parental control of education, and other policies that maximizes personal freedom.


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Civil Liberties, Public Policy & Law

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