April 2017 Speaker’s Bureau Update

April 14th, 2017

The fight for liberty continues, and the members of our Speaker’s Bureau aren’t giving up any time soon! In case you missed it, here is just a small update on what some leading ladies of liberty have been working on… Camille Paglia Renowned for her brilliant and scathing critiques of modern culture, Camille is a … Continue reading “April 2017 Speaker’s Bureau Update”

Celebrating Women’s History Month With Rose Wilder Lane

March 6th, 2017

March is Women’s History Month! What better way to celebrate than by getting to know the women who have helped inspire and propagate the libertarian movement? Rose Wilder Lane December 5, 1886 – October 30, 1968 Author of The Discovery of Freedom, Man’s Struggle Against Authority, a founding publication of the libertarian movement “The need … Continue reading “Celebrating Women’s History Month With Rose Wilder Lane”

LOLA 2016: Year in Review

December 19th, 2016

I am excited to share how LOLA has been amplifying the liberty movement by engaging women and creating a network of empowered female ambassadors for liberty. Check out some of this year’s highlights and what we will be doing in 2017! In 2016 we have… PROMOTED PROFESSIONAL LADIES OF LIBERTY This year we have exceeded … Continue reading “LOLA 2016: Year in Review”

Welcome Letter From Pagona Stratoudakis, LOLA’s New Executive Director

November 1st, 2016

A Letter from our New Executive Director Ladies of Liberty Alliance has come a long way in its first few years under Nena Whitfield’s guidance. What started as a part-time, volunteer group of women seeking to provide education and empowerment to libertarian females, has transformed into the nation’s premiere organization for the development of liberty-minded … Continue reading “Welcome Letter From Pagona Stratoudakis, LOLA’s New Executive Director”

LOLA Launches New Chapter in Tel Aviv, Israel

October 31st, 2016

At a Ladies of Liberty Alliance (LOLA) panel in Israel, the participating women agreed that in order to better persuade women throughout the world to join the freedom movement, libertarians must express the sincere compassion that drives the solutions offered by classical liberalism. Daphna Morell, an Israeli political science student and libertarian activist, recently launched … Continue reading “LOLA Launches New Chapter in Tel Aviv, Israel”

October 2016 Speaker’s Bureau Update

October 16th, 2016

LOLA is so pleased to share these fantastic articles by members of our Speakers Bureau! It is our honor to highlight the contributions of these brilliant women to the freedom movement, and we would like to thank our supportive donors for allowing us to bring these updates to you. Diana Furchtgott-Rothnew How to fulfill Donald … Continue reading “October 2016 Speaker’s Bureau Update”